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Ravi Rajan

Ravi Shankar Rajan is a software consulting program director working in Mumbai, India.He is also a certified expert in program management and artificial intelligence and has worked and lived in four continents.This varied experience has helped him to refine his global outlook and be sensitive and adaptive to multicultural nuances.

In his free time, he loves writing articles and frequently contributes to various online topical sites like reddit and postnews and networking forums including Linkedin,On the Hubpages platform,he frequently contributes to various niche publications like Owlcation,WanderWisdom,Soapboxie,The Crime Wire,Exemplore,Reelrundown and others.

He loves writing on an eclectical collection of topics and events that includes programming, workplace,leadership,relationships, creativity,movies,design,celebrities,travel,paranormal,myths and even dabbles a bit in writing catchy quotes for the advertising and public relations world.

He also happens to be a budding Haiku poetry writer, fanatical archaeology enthusiast, and incorrigible history maniac. He loves writing within the cusp of human relationships, technology, and creativity where boundaries are blurred and possibilities are immense.

And last(but not the least),Ravi has managed to win a few awards in programming and leadership,a handful of writing and poetry contests and a lot of goodwill so far in his sinusoidal life of 40 plus years..He hopes to continue this momentum till his dying breath( oh yes !! he likes being a bit dramatic at times !).

Ravi’s definition of life can be aptly summed up by this beautiful quote of Gautam Buddha

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world."