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About Us

The Crime Wire is a crime-writing community for digital sleuths, armchair detectives, and future mindhunters. Our true-crime community is expansive and well connected, with fresh takes from journalists, authors, researchers, investigators, and legal analysts.

Our Purpose and Goal

Whether we’re reporting on active police investigations, the latest leads in missing person searches, decades-old cold cases and sadistic serial killers, or courtroom and trial coverage, The Crime Wire is 100% devoted to accurate and ethical journalism and comprehensive analysis of the criminal mind.

The Crime Wire offers more than just scandalous headlines or sensational “clickbait.” We aim to shine a spotlight on underreported aspects of institutional villainy and systemic crimes against historically marginalized communities, exposing lawlessness in government and law enforcement, corporate malfeasance, political conspiracies, socio-economic injustices, and corruption within the criminal justice system itself.

Join Us!

We invite you to explore all the categories on The Crime Wire and see what inspires you. Is there a crime, scandal, cold case, transgression, or other malicious secret that readers need to know about?

Please see our editorial policy and other writing tips to learn about our best practices, and then let's get started! Join the rapidly growing Crime Wire community—it would be a crime if you didn’t! We're looking forward to seeing your articles and working with you. Together, we can crack the case.

Solving crime one article at a time,

The Crime Wire team