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True Crime Podcasts Like Crime Junkie

Em is an armchair detective who falls asleep listening to true crime podcasts.


6 True Crime Podcasts Similar to Crime Junkie

  1. RedHanded, hosted by Suruthi Bala and Hannah McGuire
  2. Casefile, hosted by Anonymous
  3. Someone Knows Something, hosted by David Ridgen
  4. Supernatural, with Ashley Flowers hosted by Ashley Flowers
  5. Criminal, hosted by Phoebe Judge
  6. Park Predators, hosted by Delia D'Ambra

If you're like me, you plan your Monday errands around the chart-topping podcast by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat which hits with a fresh episode just in time to take the edge off the dawn of the workweek grind.

But maybe you're like me and you've listened to every single episode at least twice and that fleeting hour just isn't long enough to get you through your clean laundry pile.

What now?

While Crime Junkie is a special brand of true crime media that cuts out the small talk and gets right to the story, it isn't the only storytelling style true crime podcast out there. If you love Crime Junkie, try one of these shows to fill in the time until the next episode drops!

Suruthi Bala, left and Hannah McGuire, right, of RedHanded keep it cool and forthright on their award winning crime podcast.

Suruthi Bala, left and Hannah McGuire, right, of RedHanded keep it cool and forthright on their award winning crime podcast.


About the Hosts

The show is fronted by Brit buddies Suruthi Bala and Hannah McGuire, who combined possess a background in anthropology, education and finance and somehow, thank God for relentless listeners like me, landed on true crime podcasting.

As McGuire told Crime + Investigation, "We won't do cases where we don't have anything to add to the conversation...We tend to choose cases that are either less well-known or if they are well-known, we bring something new to the table."

Why You'll Like It

  • Mostly scripted
  • Minimal banter
  • Tons of lesser-known cases
  • Suruthi's voice might as well be ASMR

RedHanded is a little bit Crime Junkie, a little My Favorite Murder and a lot of British anecdotes and pop culture references I don't understand but absolutely love. Each episode focuses on one crime (almost always, well, homicide, but sometimes stalking, kidnapping or cases of false-identity) in a scripted format with each of the two hosts alternating every page or so with minimal banter between.

After discovering this podcast two years ago, it's become my go-to for long cleaning days because it's engaging enough to help me focus, but not so salacious or macabre to totally throw me off my toilet scrubbing game.

With episodes like "The Hello Kitty Murder" (Ep.117) and "Ana Kriegel & The Case of Ireland's Youngest Convicted Killers" (Ep.130), RedHanded brings U.S. listeners cases from across the pond that they've likely never heard while doing a fantastic job of lending educated opinions and keeping victim-blaming at bay.

While the show is an easy listen, make no mistake, Hannah and Suruthi maintain a no-bull attitude that keeps the show from being weighed down by the political and social pandering favored by U.S. shows, choosing instead to stick to the case at hand and exploring the facts from all angles, making it a hidden treasure in the friends-chatting-true-crime podcast community.

Where to Listen

Anywhere. Spotify, Stitcher, Apple or wherever you like to get your podcasts.


About the Hosts

The male host is completely anonymous, lending even more mystery to this show.

Why You'll Like It

  • Totally scripted
  • Zero banter
  • Super well-researched
  • Storytelling format
  • Lesser-known cases, many highlighting marginalized communities

Since 2016, Casefile has been dissecting the facts of true crimes from around the globe. Written by a rotating team of writers including Eileen Ormsby, Erin Munro and Paulina Szymanska, the show's tagline is "Fact is scarier than fiction..." and in the case of this podcast—yeah, it totally is.

This one hits a little ominous compared to others on this list, perhaps because it's a completely scripted read-through by a single host who opines absolutely nothing throughout each hour+ episode.

Creepy, sure, but the show manages to succinctly overview popular cases like the as-yet unsolved double-homicide of Abigail Williams and Liberty German (Ep. 119) or the infamous Chicago Tylenol Murders (Ep. 118) while introducing listeners to unfamiliar crimes like journalist/serial killer Vlado Taneski (Ep. 108).

Where to Listen

Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you like to listen.

Someone Knows Something

About the Hosts

David Ridgen's lumberjack aesthetic doesn't give away his poetic inflections. The soft-spoken, mild-mannered investigator and documentarian is the single host of the CBC's serialized true crime podcast, Someone Knows Something.

In a Reddit AMA over the summer of 2020, David summed up his work on the show like this:

"All of the victim’s family members I have worked with over the years suffer incredible guilt about the disappearance or murder of their loved one...And my task as the host of SKS [Someone Knows Something] is to kind of be a conduit for their journey into a sort of reconciliation with themselves. Less true crime, more self healing I like to say."

Why You'll Like It

  • In-depth investigations with original coverage
  • First-person accounts of the crimes and victims
  • Soothing narration
  • Highlights marginalized victims

The only longform/serialized podcast on this list, SKS focuses on one case per season of either a missing or murdered person whose case remains unsolved with the hope of warming these cold cases. The victims highlighted on this show aren't your Dateline variety, "She walked into a room and everyone lit up." Instead, David Ridgen makes space for what is often missing from the true-crime genre: humanity and the faults that make it so.

Through interviews and feet-to-the-pavement journalism, our host explores the Who, What, When, Where and Why of each case in a soothing monotone that consistently reminds the audience, someone knows something.

Where to Listen

Apple, Stitcher, Podbean, Spotify, etc.

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

About the Hosts

Hosted entirely by our one and only Ashley Flowers! You know all about her!

Why You'll Like It

  • Hosted by Ashley Flowers
  • Storytelling format
  • Short episodes that inspire awesome rabbit holes

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers isn't technically true crime, but that's the only caveat. If you like Crime Junkie, you'll like Supernatural even more. It's all the best conspiracy/mystery and weirdness from Ashley's OG podcast brought over to a new show.

There's no murder but there's a lot of mayhem exploring fringe topics like the MK-Ultra, aliens, mysterious disappearances, suspected hauntings and more. This isn't a conspiracy theory show, it's geared more towards curious skeptics who appreciate being creeped out just a lil.

Where to Listen

Exclusively on Spotify


About the Hosts

Phoebe Judge is the singular host, an award-winning journalist and public radio personality whose engaging voice can make any topic intriguing.

Why You'll Like It

  • Phoebe Judge is basically a national treasure
  • Easy to follow storytelling
  • Succinct exploration of interesting topics

Criminal isn't your average true-crime podcast, it's exemplary. While many follow a storytelling format, this one is told by the very people whose experiences are featured while host Phoebe Judge gently guides the audience from one chapter to the next and very few episodes are actually based around the "M" word.

In fact, Criminal describes itself as a podcast about those "who've done wrong and been wronged." If this doesn't sound interesting, nearly every episode lands a plot twist or two and tells the kinds of stories that aren't necessarily salacious or romantic but that are the real foundation of true crime—seemingly average people performing bad deeds from families committing financial fraud against each other to the mob-riddled history of the U.S. witness protection program.

Where to Listen

Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Park Predators

About the Hosts

Delia D'Ambra, a former NBC reporter and investigative journalist, hosts this limited series on murders that have taken place in or near national parks.

Why You'll Like It

  • Storytelling format
  • Produced by the same studio as Crime Junkie
  • Easy to follow

This podcast is pretty niche, but the stories are not. While they didn't make this list (they may be a little too "comedy" and a little less "facts" for those who prefer Crime Junkie), Karen and Georgia consistently try to warn us: "Stay out of the forest..." and stories highlighting murderers who use the natural world to their benefit like the ones in this podcast are exactly why.

Where to Listen

Apple, Spotify

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