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Missing: Kyle Fleischmann (Facts and Theories)

I am passionate about missing persons cases due to a personal family experience of having someone go missing in my family.

Kyle Fleischmann

Kyle Fleischmann


Kyle Fleischmann is a Caucasian male with brown hair and green eyes. He stands at 6'0" and weighed 180 pounds at his disappearance. He was last seen wearing a black short-sleeved t-shirt, jeans, and black dress shoes. He is classified as endangered missing, and authorities believe he is no longer living.


Kyle was born on September 24, 1983, to Dick and Barbara Fleischmann. Kyle was the firstborn and has two younger siblings, a sister and a brother. The family moved to Charlotte in 2000 due to their father's job at Fidelity Investments. Kyle graduated from Charlotte Catholic High School and later graduated from Elon College in 2006 with a degree in business administration.

Kyle was a friendly, caring, and trusting person. His personality could lift anybody's spirits, and he made friends easily. When his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Kyle told her they would beat it together. He loved and supported his mother and was by her side up until he disappeared.

On November 8, 2007, Kyle, his mother Barbara, and his sister Noel met up at the house of Kyle's best friend, Daniel. All four of them took a cab to go to a Dane Cook show to help brighten up Barbara after her cancer diagnosis. They knew they would be having a few drinks and didn’t want to drive home.

After the show, Barbara and Noel went home and Kyle went with Daniel to a popular bar for the night. They went to the Buckhead Saloon in downtown Charlotte.

Buckhead Saloon, Charlotte, NC

Buckhead Saloon, Charlotte, NC

The Bar

Kyle and Daniel had a few drinks at the bar, but Daniel had to work the next morning and decided to close out his tab around 1:00 in the morning. He saw Kyle talking with a girl but decided to ask if he wanted to leave or stay. Kyle said he was going to stay for a while as he had made a few new friends and wanted to hang out a bit longer.

Daniel said Kyle was not intoxicated when he left the bar but was still having a good time. Daniel thought he was fine on his own and went home without Kyle.

Video surveillance shows Kyle getting into an altercation with two to three men later on. Kyle left the bar shortly after, forgetting his coat and debit card. He left around 2:20 a.m., and even though it was 30 degrees outside, he didn’t go back inside for either item.

He was seen talking with the same girl that he had been with inside, and they talked and walked across College Street, which is now Fitzgerald Street. It’s believed Kyle was now possibly very intoxicated when he left the bar and began walking down the street.

Fuel Pizza, Charlotte, NC

Fuel Pizza, Charlotte, NC

The Incident

Later, Kyle was seen walking alone towards Fuel Pizza on another surveillance camera. Kyle had stopped in the pizza place and ordered two slices of an "everything" pizza. It’s thought he had around $6 in cash on him, but this wasn’t proven. The cashier at Fuel Pizza said he remembered Kyle that night and said he seemed to be drunk.

After Kyle left the pizza place, he was never seen again. He did start making phone calls, the first being at 2:42 a.m. He made a total of 8 phone calls in a very short amount of time; he had tried to call his father's business phone, his roommate, his sister, and Daniel, but he didn’t leave any voicemails.

The calls were extremely short as well, lasting around 10 seconds, and didn’t seem to be able to ring long enough to allow someone to answer. His last call was at 3:38 a.m.

The next morning, when Daniel woke up and saw Kyle’s car was still in his driveway, he knew something was wrong. He noticed the missed calls from him and tried calling back, but it went straight to voicemail. Daniel got worried and called Kyle’s mother and roommates to see if they knew where he was and to inform them he never came back from the night before.

Daniel called the police to report him as a missing person, and later that morning he created a Facebook page about Kyle’s disappearance. By the afternoon, almost 50,000 people had joined the page and started to share Kyle’s photo and information.

Multiple photos of Kyle Fleischmann

Multiple photos of Kyle Fleischmann

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The Investigation

Thanks to the Facebook page, the community of Charlotte banded together, and hundreds of people met up to start searching for Kyle. Police investigated the people at the bar that night and talked to cab drivers who had been in the area.

They tracked down and talked with the cashier at the pizza place as well. When Kyle’s father heard the order, he knew it was Kyle that came in. His father said that’s what he orders all the time, that he eats everything. The cashier said that Kyle came in alone, but that he didn’t see him leave.

The police tracked the phone pings and found a startling discovery: Kyle’s phone pings left a trail from Fuel Pizza down North Davidson Street until 4:00 a.m., when it’s believed his phone died or was shut off. This part of town, and this street in particular, is said to be an extremely dangerous and violent area. Kyle knew this part of town was dangerous and would never willingly venture to this area.

His phone puts him at the entrance of Cordelia Park, notorious for drug and gang activity. The park is roughly two miles away from the Buckhead Saloon. This means he would have had to walk about 35-40 minutes in 30-degree weather without a coat.

There was a cab driver who told a private investigator hired by Kyle’s parents that he saw a young man matching Kyle's description walking down North Davidson Street around the 1100 block that morning. He thought it was odd because it was so cold out and this person wasn’t wearing a coat.

Cadaver Dogs

Police called in for two cadaver dogs to search. They used one dog at a time to get more accurate results. The dogs had been given Kyle’s scent from the jacket he had been wearing and had left at the bar. The dogs took the handlers down to Fuel Pizza and made a big loop around it on the sidewalk.

This led some to believe he thought someone was following him and he wanted to try and lose them. The dogs then continued down North Davidson Street with their handlers. They had to call it quits once they reached the park as it was too dangerous for the dogs and handlers at the time.

The next day, the handlers took the dogs back and picked up where they had left off. The dogs tracked Kyle’s scent past the park and into a construction area about 200 yards away. The handler claimed when they got close to the construction site she could smell death. She said it was a very strong scent of a dead animal, possibly a human.

She took the dog all over the site to try and track down the source of the smell but was unsuccessful. Both dogs they brought in took the same path, and at the construction site, they brought in more dogs to help search the large area but found nothing. The residents of the area also would complain about the foul odor that smelled like a large dead animal, but nothing was done about it.

One of the handlers also made mention of a homeless man who was on North Davidson Street and had begun talking to them. The homeless man told the handler that he saw gang members in the park kill Kyle that night, but he was not sure what happened to the body.

Sealed Documents

In 2009, a federal judge ordered a search warrant for the construction site on 16th and North Davidson Street. The area was searched, but the judge sealed off the documents to the public. It is unknown if they found anything in their search at that time. It was noted that the ATF was also involved in this case, and they usually are only involved in cases with drug, gang, or gun violence.

The FBI is also involved in this case and has since sealed off the case records. This may be due to them finding new evidence or a key witness. There has also been no activity on his bank account, and his phone was never turned back on.


Kyle’s family and friends feel in their heart that he is no longer alive. They only wish that they knew what happened to him and that someday his body will be found for a proper funeral. Kyle’s father believes his son was a victim of a random robbery gone wrong. He is still highly active in searching and helping the police and private investigators.

The Facebook page Daniel made is still up and running. If you would like to show your support, you can find it here. Kyle’s case is still open, and it's a very well-known case in North Carolina. There is also a $50,000 reward for information that leads to finding Kyle or breaking the case.


There are a few main theories people and authorities have about this case due to the location Kyle was in.

  • The most widely believed theory is that while intoxicated, Kyle walked into the park and was found by gang members. It’s thought he was robbed and killed by them and his body was disposed of in an unknown location. This isn’t an impossible theory, and it's probably the most likely to have happened.
  • Another popular theory is similar to the first one, and that is simply a random robbery gone wrong. They think someone may have seen him in the condition he was in and thought it was a good opportunity to get some money. When they found out he had no money, they might have either gotten angry and killed him or Kyle may have fought back and they killed him.
  • A lot of people also do not believe gang violence was involved. They do believe he was murdered, but they are unsure why or where his body was taken. Others offer the idea that he may have fallen into a body of water and drowned or died from the cold, but this is also troublesome as there are no bodies of water near that area he was last known to be.
  • Some think he may have disappeared on his own, but this is not widely believed as this wasn’t the kind of person he was. He had no financial trouble that we know of, and he was determined to be with his mother as she was going through cancer treatment.

Contact Information

While authorities and Kyle’s family believe him to no longer be alive, they still have never located a body or found who killed him. If you have any information concerning Kyle Fleischmann, please call the numbers listed below. No tip is too small.

  • Crime Stoppers 704-334-1600
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department 704-334-7600

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