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Missing: Logan Schiendelman

Logan Schiendelman Personal Details

Logan was 19 when he went missing in 2016. He is 6’0" and between 150 and 190 pounds. He is a multiracial (African-American, Caucasian, Saudi Arabian) male with black hair and brown eyes. His head is normally shaved and he has a small scar on his left forearm.

He is severely allergic to peanuts and is supposed to have an EpiPen on him in case of exposure, but when he went missing he didn't have it with him. He was last seen wearing a black windbreaker jacket, a white shirt and jeans, and possibly Nike shoes. He is classified as endangered missing.


Logan Drew Schiendelman was born in Tumwater, Washington on June 27, 1996, and was raised there by his maternal grandmother, Ginnie Gebo. Logan’s father, who was a Saudi Arabian native, was not in his life and left the United States before his birth.

Logan’s mother, Hannah, never had a relationship with Logan’s father and moved to Seattle to attend art school after his birth. When his mother moved, Logan and his older half-sister, Chloe, became legal dependents of his grandmother.

Logan went to Tumwater High School and became the star defensive back on the school's football team. He was also a model student. During his time in high school, his grandmother claims he experienced an “identity crisis” because of his mixed race (due to his Saudi Arabian heritage on his father's side and his mother being biracial, half-black and half-white).

Logan had been primarily raised by his white grandmother and never knew his African American family at all. At the time Logan was in high school, his biological mother was living close by in Olympia.

Some people say his grandmother kept him away from the African American side of the family and refused to let him visit them. His grandmother has denied this and claimed that side of his family never made an effort to get in contact with Logan.

After he graduated high school in 2015, Logan enrolled at Washington State University. This university was in Pullman, about 300 miles away from his home in Tumwater. While he was away at college, Logan’s half-sister and her boyfriend moved in with their grandmother.

Logan's high school football photo

Logan's high school football photo

Struggling at School and Home

Logan only completed one year of studies at college before returning home to his grandmother in Tumwater. He decided then he was going to drop out of college as it had been a difficult year for him. He had cut ties with all of his high school friends and hadn't made many new ones in college.

He's also started to smoke marijuana while in college and his grandmother found out and thought this was his reason for being so paranoid when he came back. He started to believe he was being watched through his bedroom window and that someone was possibly following him. His family noticed that he had become more withdrawn after he came back.

Logan and his half-sister's boyfriend did not get along while living under the same roof. There was talk that arguments had become physical between the two a few times, but his grandmother also denies this. She said they didn't like each other, but avoided one another while under her roof.

After Logan went missing, the boyfriend took a polygraph test and passed, so he was ruled out as a suspect. However, it is widely reported that polygraph tests can be easily manipulated to show false readings, which is probably why their results aren't admissible in court.

Logan began working odd jobs around town to make money, one being at a laundry facility. Another job was as a laborer on his great aunt’s five-acre farm. While looking for jobs, he had turned in an application to a former classmate from high school, Alyssa Parrish. Alyssa said when Logan came in, he seemed nervous and acted weird.

Exploring His Background

Logan hadn't had any contact with his African American side of the family until shortly before he disappeared. He reached out to his maternal relatives and it was an emotional meeting. He was shown pictures of his grandfather and uncle from that side of the family and was quoted as saying: “It feels good to see someone that looks like me.”

His aunt on this side said Logan seemed to want to know more about his background and had a lot of questions that he couldn't get the answers to at his current home. It was said that Logan told them if his grandmother found out he had been seeing and talking to his black relatives, she would be very angry.

His grandmother was asked about this by reporters, and she once again denied ever having held him back from the other side of his family. She claimed they never made any effort to get ahold of Logan or see him, and that she hadn't talked to his grandfather in many years either.

Logan's grandmother

Logan's grandmother

The Incident

On May 19, 2016, Logan and his grandmother were getting ready for their jobs when Logan started to talk about a bizarre subject. He had become very nervous and said he had an epiphany while he was driving around.

That was the only thing she was able to get from him before she told him they could sit and talk about it in the evening after they had come home from work. She regrets brushing it off now and wishes she had talked to him about it instead of waiting. That was the last time she spoke to Logan.

Later in the evening when Logan failed to return home from work, his grandmother decided to track his phone. She saw it had pinged near Olympia where his mother lived and she thought he was visiting her. His grandmother called her and was told he hadn't stopped by his mother's home that day.

By May 20, Logan still hadn't come home so his grandmother called the police to report him as missing, but the Thurston County Police Department was closed for the weekend so she was forced to wait until the following Monday on the 23rd to call back and file a missing persons report.

While his grandmother said his phone showed Logan was with his mother, authorities claim he'd actually been going the opposite direction—they traced his phone activity, and it showed going him north and south on highway I-5 several times, though authorities don’t know why he would have been following this driving pattern.

On the day his grandmother had tried to report him missing, May 20, Logan’s black 1996 Chrysler Sebring was found abandoned along a southbound lane of I-5 in Rochester, Washington. Rochester is about 20 miles south of Tumwater. His car was found with all of his belongings inside— his cell phone, wallet, driver's license, and a few bags of food.

Witness Accounts

On the 20th, the police also got several 911 calls around 2 p.m. of a black Sebring drifting across the lanes of I-5 between Tumwater and Maytown near the milepost 92. They said the car crashed into the center median and a six-foot tall Caucasian man, with either brown or red hair, jumped out of the passenger side of the Sebring and ran towards the thick woods on the side of the interstate.

Just that morning a witness claimed to have seen Logan and two Caucasian men standing by his car that was parked on the right shoulder of the southbound lane on I-5 near Exit 95. She said she saw the car in the same location on her way back home, but this time the hood was up.

The witness gave a description of the men with Logan:

  • One was six feet tall with a very thin build and thin, straight blond hair in a bowl cut. He wore a too-small tank top and very short jeans.
  • The second man was also blond but had shoulder-length hair and was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans.

A two-mile search of the wooded area with cadaver and tracking dogs came up empty. They searched for six hours but found no evidence of Logan or anybody else in the area. Later in the evening of May 20, a witness called to report a naked teenager in the wooded area near the interstate but nothing came of this tip.

Logan’s uncle, Mike Ware, is a retired Thurston County sheriff and assisted in the search efforts for his nephew. He believes the half-sister’s boyfriend may have had something to do with Logan’s disappearance, but authorities had ruled him out simply because he passed a polygraph test. Mike still believes he has something to do with the case.

Logan's Seabring

Logan's Seabring


Investigators, family members and other observers of Logan's case have speculated about several theories that would explain his disappearance.

Starting a New Life?

The first theory is that Logan left on his own accord to start a new life. All his life he had only known one side, and as a multiracial teenager, he had to deal with a lot of racial remarks and questions.

After he finally got in touch with his black side of the family and began getting answers, he claimed to have had an epiphany. Nobody knows what this was about exactly, but it might have had something to do with the identity crisis he went through in late high school.

Money or Drug Problems?

The second theory is that Logan’s disappearance could have had something to do with the drugs he was said to have been on. It was known that he had started smoking marijuana in college, but it was not known if he had done anything harder than that.

Some people think that he may have owed someone money for drugs or had started getting into harder drugs and got a bad deal. They also think that if he was into harder drugs, there's a possibility that he overdosed.

Mentally Incapacitated?

The third theory suggests that Logan may have had a mental breakdown after talking with his other side of the family. With the family drama that had been happening recently and the altercation with Chloe’s boyfriend, that could have put more pressure on his mental state.

He maybe had an identity crisis that sent him into a spiral; smoking marijuana that made him more paranoid would have made it worse. He also thought people had been watching him, especially through his bedroom window, and this could have led him to want to run away or end his own life.

Foul Play?

The fourth theory is that Logan ran into foul play. His uncle Mike still believes Chloe’s boyfriend had some involvement in Logan’s disappearance. Though the local authorities have already ruled him out as a suspect, Mike isn't convinced.

Authorities also are unsure if the two blond men were involved or if they know something about what happened to him. While working on other leads at the moment, they also think it could have been a robbery gone wrong or even an accidental death.

Update 2022

His case was shared on the Investigation Discovery TV show Disappeared on April 8, 2018. His family has offered a $10,000 reward for anyone with information leading to a break in his case. They want Logan to know that he is welcome home anytime, no matter what happened. They also want to let him know that he can always call them to at least let them know he’s okay, even if he doesn't want to come back home.

In 2020, human skeletal remains were found near a dock in Longview, Washington. Authorities are still working on identifying the body. Logan’s family were awaiting the answer to find out if it's him, although they know it seems unlikely, based on a police sketch issued in February 2022 of the victim's possible facial features.

In September 2022, an eerily similar case regarding 16-year-old Gabriel Davies occurred in nearby Longview, Washington. There are some strange coincidences: football player, abandoned car, teen walking alone on a road, family claims his behavior was out of character.

It has been speculated online that the cases of Logan and Gabriel also share similarities with the 2019 disappearance of Matthew Anfeldt from Grand Mound, Washington.

But aside from the three cases occurring relatively near each other and involving missing young men who exhibited unusual behavior, so far this theory is merely online conjecture and no official law enforcement connection has been made.

Logan's missing persons poster

Logan's missing persons poster

Contact Information

If you have any information on Logan, please contact the authorities listed or send tips anonymously.

Thurston County Sheriff’s department: (360) 704-2740

Facebook page for updates and to give support to his family is here.

There is also an Instagram account dedicated to helping to find Logan.